Yes, you can buy a ticket to travel to almost any destination in the world including those destinations where Eswatini Air does not operate to. To book a flight to any of Eswatini Air destinations, you can reach us through the following channels:

Our website, OR

Eswatini call centre (+268 2518 0100), OR

Email to, OR

Customer Service Centre located at shops 6,7&8, Manzini Junction, Manzini, Eswatini OR

For connecting flights beyond our destinations, clients are advised to book through their travel agents whereby they would ask to be book on Eswatini Air on the sectors between Eswatini and the four destinations we fly to, in combination with flight sectors operated by other airlines. Travel agency-based bookings involving Eswatini Air sectors are accessible via our partners APG Airlines (A1) and Hahn Air (X1).

Our fares, one-way inclusive of taxes RANGE from:

  • SZL 1,300.00 on flights between Eswatini and Johannesburg or Durban
  • SZL 2,100.00 on flights between Eswatini and Cape Town
  • SZL 2,200.00 on flights between Eswatini and Harare

Our return fares are double the one-way fares, terms and conditions apply.

Please note that Eswatini Air per industry practice offers are range of fares on same routes to cater for pricing needs or different market segments, and encourages clients to book early in order to get low fares. Chances of finding lower fare levels when you book late are always slim.

We also offer connecting flights where our operating schedule permits, with a layover of 40 minutes at KM111 International Airport.

Our connecting fares ranges from:

Yes, our flights are accessible via online travel sites on a selective basis. The number of sites will be increasing as we increase the number of global distribution systems integrations to our systems. While that is the case, we encourage clients to book directly on our website on for competitive fares.

Yes, we accept children onboard. We are committed to offering infants and their families maximum safety and comfort during the flight. Our cabin crew provides a special briefing to passengers travelling with infants.

Infants: Infants from 0 to 2 years of age pay 10% of the fare of the accompanying adult.

Children: Children from 2 (2 years 1 day) to 11 years of age pay 67% of the fare of the accompanying adult.

We also accept unaccompanied minors (UMNR) and they pay a full adult fare plus a fixed amount of SZL750.00

Parents / guardians need to fill out an unaccompanied minor form and any necessary Customs and Immigration documents.

At check-in, parents or guardians will be required to provide the minor travelers’ passport. Eswatini Air check-in agents and cabin crew who are well trained to handle unaccompanied minors will escort your child through the passport control, taking care of all their travel documents, and security checks right up to finding their seat.
Please note that an unaccompanied minor is from 5 to 12 years of age.

On special request from parents, Eswatini Air offers similar services for young adults between 12 years and above. Parents are advised to book this service as meet and assist.

For more information, please see attached document for Eswatini Air conditions of travel for UNMR.

We use the piece concept and we offer a competitive free baggage allowance of one bag at maximum 23kg for checked baggage and 7kg hand luggage.

For second or more check-in bags, we charge a fee per extra bag of SZL320.00.

For any checked-in bag, whether it is the first bag or the extra bag, which exceeds 23kgs a fee of SZL25.00 per kilogram by which the 23kg limit is exceeded applies.

Baby cots or prams are permitted on board. However, if the passenger requests to use it on the aircraft it must not exceed a maximum weight of 8kg. If the allowance exceeds 8kg it will be put directly inside the cargo hold. Please note that if the baby cot or pram allowance exceeds 20kg, the excess baggage charge shall apply (subject to airline baggage policy on sports equipment exceeding standard)

Above and beyond the permitted checked and carry-on baggage, all sporting equipment shall be allowed on condition that their weight does not exceed a maximum of 15kg and is packed as one piece. Sporting equipment forms part of the free baggage allowance. If the free baggage allowance is exceeded, the excess baggage charge of SZL320 shall apply (subject to airline baggage policy on sports equipment exceeding standard). Logon to for sporting equipment list and other related information.

The airline identifies with the Montreal Convention, which is concerned with the safety of passengers on-board and liability of the airline thereof. For this reason, Eswatini Air shall not accept firearms and ammunition as checked or cabin luggage unless the following conditions apply:
All firearms and ammunition are declared to security for proper handling.

Total weight of ammunition does not exceed 15kg.

No hand weapons (small-arms, hand guns, pistols, revolvers, etc.) shall be allowed save for hunting rifles, shotguns, sporting firearms, hunting handguns, toy guns, etc.) which shall be transported as checked baggage at a handling fee of SZL400 for loading and an additional SZL400 for offloading per gun/rifle bag. This fee is to be paid directly to the handling agent at the airport. Logon to for more information on firearms and rifles.

For the type of service we offer, prices we charge and route network structure, our complimentary baggage offering is in line with industry practice. Baggage in excess of 23kg allowance is chargeable at SZL25.00 per kilogram, a fee which is much lower than industry average. Logon to for more information on our baggage rules.

We offer luggage and travel insurance at a fee. For more information on insurance please contact Eswatini Air at

We have ticketing desks and kiosks at each of the airports we operate from. Our ticketing desks are identifiable by our Corporate Logo in the international departure halls. In case of need, please ask the Official Airport Information Desks for assistance on the location of our ticketing desks. Alternatively, you can reach us on;
  • You can book online; or
  • Email us on or
  • Phone us at +268 2518 0100 when in Eswatini, or
  • Phone us on +27 10 8806407 when in South Africa, or
    • JNB Airport- +27 6475 92073
    • CPT Airport- +27 7954 12401
    • DUR Airport- +27 6475 92063
  • Phone us on +263 242 762958/9 and +263 732 662 184 when in Zimbabwe
  • Tshaneni Office- +268 7986 1312 or +268 7603 2013
Please note that we accept cash, debit card or EFT

You may not require a transit visa to enter Harare, Zimbabwe if you will not leave the airside of the airport. However, passengers wishing to make a stop in Zimbabwe should apply for a visa prior to traveling, depending on the nationality of the traveller’s passport. Zimbabwe 30-day tourist visas are being issued on arrival. For more information on transit visa visit:

Some nationalities require a visa to enter or transit through Eswatini. Most SADC countries do NOT require a visa. However, please refer to the immigrations pages for more information, visit:

Yes, Eswatini Air has frequent flyer program named Eagle Miles. Details for joining the program are available on our website. Our frequent flyer program also caters for individuals, families and corporates. Eagle Miles comprise 4 tiers. For more information on our frequent flyer program, visit our website:
Eswatini Air accepts Eswatini travel document instead of a passport as proof that you are authorized to travel strictly in SADC countries except for Angola. For countries outside SADC, you must have a passport. For more information please visit:
We advise that travelers must check- in latest 60 minutes before scheduled departure time, regardless of whether they are checking baggage.
You can register online by visiting our website Upon registration, you will receive a membership pack, along with your electronic membership card. Please note that the membership account will be activated after your first flight activity and if your Eagle Miles membership number was inserted in the booking. For more information please visit:

You report it to the Customer service agents (Lost and found) at the airport or Cabin crew if lost onboard. We advise passengers to keep their luggage tags all the time until destination is reached, and luggage has been received.

In the event of loss of baggage, delayed baggage, damage, pilferage, theft, while on-board our aircraft, Eswatini Air shall assume liability based on the Montreal Convention. For more information please visit:

Clients are advised to first check the applicable fare rules for their tickets. Once clients have established and confirmed that the tickets they hold are refundable, then they should approach the channel where their tickets were purchased for assistance.

Eswatini Air strives to cater to the needs of our customers with special needs. For better service, we request that you contact us and advise us of your passenger’s specific needs at least 48 hours prior to departure time.

Guidelines on the special assistance that we offer can be found on our website:

Eswatini Air is an equal opportunity employer and as such, we post all available job positions on the website,in local newspapers and on our social media platforms.

You can apply based on the stipulated job descriptions and requirements as may be placed on vacancy advertisements.