Miles Cards

Eswatini Air’s frequent flyer programme is called “Eagle Miles”.  Becoming a member enables you to earn valuable miles from all your travels with Eswatini Air. These miles can be used to pay for airline tickets, excess baggage and business class lounge access.

Miles are transferable between members and can also be used to purchase tickets for persons other than the member. Joining is absolutely free, PLUS you get up to 500 complimentary miles upon registration. For more details on the programme please see appropriate topics below.

You can register online by visiting our website, or by completing and submitting the membership joining form available at our offices. Upon registration, you will receive a membership pack, along with your electronic membership card.

The membership account will be activated after your first flight activity and if your Eagle Miles membership number was inserted in the booking of your flight. To note your account will still not be activated if your earned miles are not yet credited into your account, please ensure that your member number is correctly inserted whenever you are booking a flight.  

Enrolment Bonus equal to 500 miles are allocated and awarded on the occurrence of the first flight activity after registration, provided the Eagle Miles membership number was inserted in the booking. Members who enrolled using the online option will receive 300 additional miles.

The Eagle Miles programme offers 4 tier levels as follows:



Tier Level

Required Status / Tier  Miles






Miles earning calculator 1SZL:1Mile










Black Diamond

70001 and above



Tiering miles are earned from actual flights and not from bonus miles awarded. Tiers are valid for 2 years, after which a year-end tiering validation will be done. Members who fail to maintain the required amount of miles to maintain the same tier level will be downgraded. 

Companies may register with the Eagles Miles Department in order to become Corporate Members. Corporate Management enables the companies to accumulate miles through its employees, consultants, etc. 

Corporate members can choose to have miles earned allocated to their Eagle Miles Corporate account, to be allocated to the individual / travellers’ Eagle Miles account, or split and shared between the Corporate and the traveller accounts in any ratio. For more information on the Corporate Client enrolment, please contact us via email on 

The Eagle Miles programme is revenue based, and miles accrue when members fly with Eswatini Air. The amount of points required to redeem for a reward flight is directly tied to the revenue cost of the ticket, meaning that Members earn miles based on the fare paid: etc. the higher the fare, the more miles you will earn. Eagle Miles seats are not capacity controlled, and members can redeem miles directly via the member website. Tier Miles count towards the member’s status while Award Miles are what Members use to redeem for purchases.

The formula for earning and redeeming miles is as follows:

  • Earn             : For every 1.00SZL spent, you earn 1mile
  • Redemption : Each mile earned contributes E 10 towards ticket purchases

If you do not have enough miles for a free ticket, you can purchase miles in batches of 1000 miles at E 100.00 – this is only applicable if you have 50% or more of the value of the Award ticket available. 

If your miles are not credited to your member account within 24 hours after the related flight activity.  Please contact our offices.  We will need you to provide us with your membership number, ticket number, flight number, PNR number and the date of your flight.  You can send an email to Retro claims are allowed only for a maximum of 6 months from the day of transaction. Once this information is retrieved from the member, it will be checked internally for validation. 

In the case where the claim is valid, a member will be credited automatically and notified of their successful claim.  Retro-claims can be done 2-3 days after a member has provided the necessary information above.

Miles are valid for five (5) years. Miles that are due to expire will be reflected as such on the monthly Mileage Summary. The programme allows members to extend the life of their miles at a fee, please refer to the relevant section of membership rules for details.

The Eagle Miles card is digital and is accessible via Eagle Miles member portal on Member statements of account showing details of mile earnings, bonus awards, tier status details, redemption details, etc will also be accessible via  Eagle Miles member portal on