Eswatini Air Offers the following services for our clients who have special needs and requirements.


Service TypeDetails on service type
Wheelchair servicesWheelchair assistance required; passenger can walk short distance up or down stairs.
 Wheelchair assistance required; passenger can walk short distance, but not up or down stairs.
 Wheelchair required; passenger cannot walk any distance and will require the aisle chair to board.
 On-board aisle wheelchair requested (for use during flight).
 Passenger is traveling with a manual wheelchair.
 Passenger is traveling with a dry cell battery-powered wheelchair.
 Passenger is traveling with a wet cell battery-powered wheelchair.
Special mealsVegan,Halaal,Kosher &Vegetarian
Unaccompanied minorsPassenger under the age of 12 travelling alone,
Baby bassinet 
Meet and assist 
Medical case 
Blind passengerPassenger is blind or has reduced vision.
Deaf or impaired hearingPassenger is deaf or hard of hearing.
Intellectual developmentDisabled Passenger with Intellectual or Developmental Disability Needing Assistance
Emotional support animalPassenger is traveling with an emotional support animal.
Body sizePassenger requires an extra seat due to body size.
Accompanying petPassenger is traveling with a pet in cabin.
Allergic to peanut dustPassenger is allergic to peanut dust.
Stretcher casePassenger is traveling on a stretcher.
Service animalPassenger is traveling with a service animal.