Royal Eswatini Airways currently operates short haul, all-economy flights. Our passengers are entitled to a free baggage allowance which comprises carry on and checked luggage.
Baggage refers to all personal properties such as articles, effects and other belongings necessary for the trip.

Carry On Luggage

A passenger shall be allowed to carry without extra charges one piece of luggage that can fit into the closed overboard rack or under the passenger’s seat. The maximum weight allowed is 8kg, and maximum dimensions per piece should be 56cm + 36cm + 23cm.

A passenger shall be allowed one piece of carry-on luggage plus a handbag OR laptop bag but not both. Items such as umbrella, walking stick, a small camera, binoculars, overcoat or wrap blanket, infant carry basket/ cot, crutches, braces, and other equipment upon which the passenger depends are also allowed for free. However, equipment such as wheelchair for passengers with reduced mobility is limited to a maximum weight of 32kg and shall only be kept in the aircraft hold.

Infants not entitled to a seat shall be allowed 5kg of hand luggage comprising baby food, a pram, bedding, napkins and other essentials needed during the trip provided the luggage meets the acceptable standard dimensions of carry-on luggage.
Children and infants paying form 50%-75% of adult fee are entitle to the same hand luggage as adults.

Items such as liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes are allowed in reasonable quantities provided they are needed during the flight/ trip. The total quantity must not exceed 2L or 2kg, and each unit must not exceed 100ml or 350g in the case of solids or powders. These should be packed in a re-sealable plastic container whose dimensions do not exceed 80cm and checked separately from the cabin baggage when proceeding through airport security.

Excess Baggage

Royal Eswatini Airways applies the piece concept on all baggage. Passengers shall be charged an excess of SZL320 (including VAT) per additional piece. This means that a passenger carrying checked baggage beyond 23kg but not exceeding 46kg shall pay an additional SZL320.

Excess baggage on carry-on shall not be permitted but instead checked in and charged as one piece if exceeding the requirements for free checked baggage.

Moreover, excess baggage fees shall also apply to passengers whose baggage exceeds the stipulated linear dimensions of 158cm for checked baggage even if the weight is below 23kg.
In the case of a blocked seat service requirement, a passenger shall be charged 75% of the one-way adult fare of the route travelled.

Royal Eswatini Airways applies the piece concept on all baggage. Passengers are allowed one free bag not exceeding 20kgs, and shall be charged SZL320 per extra or additional bag.

 Checked bags shall be limited to 20kg’s. Excess baggage fee at a rate of SZL 25.00 per kilogram by which the bag exceeds 20kgs shall apply.


Moreover, excess baggage fees shall also apply to passengers whose baggage exceeds the stipulated linear dimensions of 158cm for checked baggage even if the weight is below 20kg.

In the case of a blocked seat service requirement, a passenger shall be charged 75% of the one-way adult fare of the route travelled.

Above and beyond the permitted checked and carry-on baggage, all sporting equipment shall be allowed on condition that their weight does not exceed a maximum of 15kg and are packed as one piece. Sporting equipment forms part of the free baggage allowance. If the free baggage allowance is exceeded, the excess baggage charge of SZL320 shall apply (subject to airline baggage policy on sports equipment exceeding standard).

Though permitted, the types and quantities of sporting equipment may be limited by the aircraft type and thus must be pre-booked as a special service request (SSR)
Individual sports equipment exceeding the dimensions of 190cm x 75cm x 65cm cannot be transported as checked baggage but as cargo. Moreover, all sports bags and cases must be used solely for carrying sports equipment and not for clothes or other items of a personal nature.

Sporting equipment include golf bags, non-motorized bicycles, soccer balls, fishing rods, cricket equipment, netball/volleyball, hiking equipment, horse riding equipment, scuba diving equipment, hunting weapons (must meet safety transportation procedures), hockey sticks, snow or water skis, surf, kite, paddle and skateboards (not exceeding 2m length), amongst others.


  1. Sporting Equipment NOT listed above must be included in your free baggage allowance, contact RENAC Head Office for confirmation. This particular sporting equipment will be permitted strictly at the discretion of the Airline.
  2. Hold space restrictions shall apply due to the aircraft size: hold space may be restricted on full flights and/or in certain weather conditions.

Under such conditions, RENAC will try by all means to load all hold baggage. However, in the interest of operational safety, may choose to ferry some baggage on the next available flight to your destination. The same applies to extra baggage, which is not guaranteed carriage on same flight.

RENAC permits the carriage of musical instruments (cello, harp, guitar, flute, clarinet, etc.) only as Checked baggage. Such should be placed in the hold compartment with a “Fragile” sticker attached. The Passenger shall be required to sign a Limited Release tag within three (3) days business days prior to departure. The musical instrument must be in its hard-shell case for appropriate protection.

  • Passengers travelling with musical instruments on an extra seat in the cabin shall be pre-book such service and will be charged a discounted rate (base fare excluding taxes).
  • When transported as hand luggage, musical instruments should conform to the hand luggage dimensions and weight (115cm overall dimensions, and 8kg weight) and shall be regarded as one piece. Musical instruments exceeding the checked and hand luggage allowances shall be charged as excess baggage as per piece system.

The airline identifies with the Montreal Convention, which is concerned with the safety of passengers on-board and liability of the airline thereof. For this reason, RENAC shall not accept firearms and ammunition as checked or cabin luggage unless the following conditions apply:

  • All firearms and ammunition are declared to security for proper handling
  • Total weight of ammunition does not exceed 15kg
  • No hand weapons (small-arms, hand guns, pistols, revolvers, etc.) shall be allowed save for hunting rifles, shotguns, sporting firearms, hunting handguns, toy guns, etc.) which shall be transported as checked baggage at a handling fee of SZL400 for loading and an additional SZL400 for offloading per gun/rifle bag.
    This fee is to be paid directly to the handling agent at the airport.


  • All rifles and shotguns to be approved three days prior to boarding, must suitably packed, unloaded with the safety catch on, and must be accompanied by proper legal documentation required by the countries of departure and destination.

The airline will apply discretion on the acceptance of knives, antique firearms, and similar equipment.

RENAC shall not be liable for the damage, retention, or removal of the item by security personnel, government officials, airport officials, police or military personnel responsible for regulation of such equipment.

All travellers have a duty to familiarize and comply with the baggage requirements. Compliance includes but not limited to:

  • Ensuring the right baggage size and weights for both checked and cabin baggage
  • Ensuring their bags are zipped, secured, and of good quality (acceptable by airlines)
  • All valuables are packed accordingly and carried as hand luggage

All animals should be put in a cage whose dimensions do not exceed 1m2. Cages larger than these dimensions shall be transported as cargo.
Only dogs, cats and birds shall be permitted, as checked baggage and excess baggage charges shall apply. All documentation such as vaccination certificates and other original and mandatory paperwork must be provided at check-in. Snakes shall not be permitted on-board.

Guide dogs shall be permitted in the cabin while in the custody of its trainer and only for purposes of handover or orientation. Excess baggage fees shall apply.
One dog per blind or deaf person shall be allowed in the cabin for free, provided the passenger depends on it.

In the event of damage, pilferage, theft, delayed baggage, loss of baggage while on-board our aircraft, RENAC shall assume liability based on the Montreal Convention.